A Vision for Growth

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Paving Paths to Self-Sufficiency

POTS’ focus has always been to help move the poor and homeless from the crisis of poverty to self-sufficiency. However, to achieve true self-sufficiency, individuals and families, along with POTS, must focus holistically on bringing about stability in many facets of their lives. This requires increased time and counseling, job training and placement, and deeper interactions with the families and individuals we work with.


Meeting the Demand

Our vision is to bring even more people into our loving community so we can assist all in need. The building next door to POTS will provide us the space to do this. However, it requires a complete demolition and rebuild to effectively enhance and expand our existing service offerings to help our clients to achieve long-term stability. We have the space next door to achieve this vision, but additional support is needed.


Teaching Skills for Life

POTS’ Comprehensive Case Management Program helps clients establish goals and take the steps needed to reach them. Expanding this program in the new building will allow the organization to dedicate more time and attention to individuals, providing even more in-depth services for hundreds more people every year.



Training for Employment

POTS’ emerging Workforce Development Program has already successfully placed dozens of people in full-time employment. The new facility will provide the additional space needed for 100 to 300 motivated individuals per year to receive the job training and assistance to enable them to be placed and retained in full-time positions.

We Can Do It with Your Help

Thanks to generous support from multiple sources, including individuals, foundations, and government entities, POTS is well on its way to achieving our goals. But your support is needed. Help us build on our success and join in creating hope and opportunities for families and individuals in need.


Be Part of the Success

We are energized by the opportunities this expansion will make possible. With your help, we can achieve our goal of expanding our capacity and ability to help even more people in the neighborhood meet their basic needs and long-term ambitions.

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